Although the CFIT company essentially came from humble beginnings, its Founder (Dr Clive A. Fynn), was essentially the “brain” behind it. The impetus to start such a company came out of Clive’s experience of having served on many Boards and from occupying many senior executive positions in many global companies. Today, CFIT is effectively an Intellectual Property, Management & Professional Services’ Company.


Development of the CFIT company

Realising the gap in the market for a Black – owned and led Intellectual Capital (“IC”) – driven company, and especially one that could be multidisciplinary in nature, Dr Clive A. Fynn initiated the company, in 2004, as “Johfy Investments (Pty) Ltd”.

The Johfy Investments name was later changed to Clive Fynn IT Management and Transactional Advisory Services (C-FIT) (Pty) Ltd and, abbreviated as CFIT.

Initially working alongside Isodra Investments (Pty) Ltd [“Isodra”] a company also previously owned by our Founder, CFIT was fortunate to garner much business support from that relationship. Consequently, many of the influential and profitable partnerships that CFIT today maintains, emanated largely from

  1. that pure investment slant, and
  2. the consulting work and the advisory services space that Isodra occupied.

The initial investment was directed more at “intellectual capital and business operations” as opposed to pure financial investments.  However, CFIT has grown since then into a very strong and pre-eminent organisation  – thus working on all sorts of advisory and management – related deals in most SADEC  geographies and internationally.


Our Board

The Board plays a supervisory and advisory role. It gets involved three times per year in the Strategy Revision or Alignment process.  Such Board involvement ensures that we deliver value, remain focused and are kept aligned to international objectives agreed with our global alliance partners and our internal leadership team.  Noted three – way meetings not only create the space for our strategic global partners (who are constantly in touch with our Senior Vice President) to interact with our leadership. They also allow for these strategic partners to also understand our Board’s direction.


Our Interest in Society

We strongly believe in the alleviation of poverty, educating and skilling people for the future.  In 2008/9 CFIT funded the University of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, both located in Cape Town, South Africa.  At the beginning of 2011 we also initiated the “Dr Clive A Fynn Scholarship for Postgraduate Students” and, in December 2015, “The Fynnsworth Scholarship” for Grades 8 – 12 level learners.