Gauteng Housing

Development of the I.T. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for the Department of Housing for the Gauteng Province, RSA.

This CFIT assignment was completed in 2012.

In its nature it was a fairly substantive but sensitive deal.

Confidential Agreements between CFIT and the client (then known as the “Gauteng Housing Department” or “DoH”) mean that:

  • We remain committed to observing that Non – Disclosure and Confidentiality consideration (and others) of our contractual obligation.
  • We can only refer to the context of the work done.
  • No further elaboration is permitted in any public/market material or to Third Parties.

To that extent, we will limit this reference to the aspects as noted herein/below.


clients-gauteng-housingThe Scope of Work for this Project:

This includes the

  • Review of the Existing Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and
  • Development and Consolidation of a Project Charter for the I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan (“DRP”)
  • Development of Disaster Recovering Plan.
  • The Deliverables for this Scope of Work


The following were mutually agreed elements:

  • A general overview of the recovery effort, strategies and functions to recover
  • Initial response / escalation procedures
  • Alternate site information
  • Recovery procedures
  • Restoration / migration of information
  • Calling lists
  • Documentation needed at the time of the disaster, with specific relevance to questions, such as:
    1. What is an I.T. DRP and how relevant is it for the Department of Housing (DoH)
    2. How effective can an I.T. DRP in the DoH be and how may it be used alongside an IT BCP and the IT Master Plan?
    3. What should the DRP contain?
    4. What are the roles and responsibilities of different sets of Recovery Teams (viz. Crisis Management Teams; Network Recovery Team/s & the Mid – Range Technology Team/s)?
    5. Recommendations on Alternate Site Allocation as measured against examples from the ICT industry.


In essence, in this DoH Project, we were working within the confines a multi – disciplinary requirement as illustrated here:




Specifics relevant to Scope of Work
The Project Scope also included the Delivery of a Final DRP & Documentation. CFIT and the Department of Housing agreed that for this project to be successful, the final document would include, but not be limited to:

  • Development of a Contingency Planning Policy Statement.
  • Conducting the Business Information Assessments/Analyses necessary.
  • Identifying preventive control mechanisms.
  • Suggesting the enabling teams and the recovery technologies for the DRP.
  • Developing a schedule for implementing the DRP in keeping with Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Establishing from the AS-IS situation (what the I.T. Requirements for an optimal DR Environment would be; and which would be the Vital Records/ Documentation that could support such an optimal DR Environment.
  • Prioritising infrastructure and application system components, especially those that are mission critical.
  • Providing a detailed budget for the future investment by the Department of Health’s management.


In collaboration with the Department of Health’s CIO, a final presentation of the detailed budget – against suggested phased implementation milestones for the DRP and BCP – was also delivered.

The award of this assignment to CFIT indicates that we are capable of providing a range of advisory services best suited to clients in the ICT space.

clients-gauteng-housing-3Importantly, it also demonstrated that CFIT, on its own, can also very capably work across a range of technology solutions both in IT and Telecoms and simultaneously deliver a credible aggregated solution for clients. It also shows that:

  • We ably compete against other transaction advisory service providers and once appointed, can lead large – scale Public Sector projects.
  • In partnership with other service providers, OEMs, local equipment suppliers and System Integrators, CFIT has the pre-requisite expertise, skill, know – how and experience to offer the industry’s best advisory services’ solutions to all types of entities.