Magalies Water

Transaction Advisor: ICT and Telecommunications’ Strategy and Policy Development for Magalies Water (Rustenberg, North West Province, RSA)

Magalies Water is an State -Owned Company (“SoC”) and operates within the legislative parameters of the Water Services Act 108 of 1997, PFMA of 1999 and the Public Audit Act of 2004. It is directly accountable to the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation, and primarily supplies treated water in bulk to its municipal customers.

The client appointed us to (a) evaluate its existing IT and telecoms environment and (b) assess bids submitted.


clients-magalies-waterAssessors of The Full Network Environment (As Provided)

Because the client was dissatisfied with its service providers and based on what they had provided to CFIT, they commissioned us to do a complete assessment of the ICT operations and to assess bidding parties.




In this part of the engagement CFIT was involved in:

  • Assessing the infrastructure and offerings provided by the client’s multi- vendor engagement model.
  • Reviewing whether the business model for the network environment as adopted by Magalies Water through noted multi- vendor engagement was delivering optimal value.
  • Proposing a solution/model that would delivery an evolutionary but sustainable growth strategy.

As the internal Magalies Water client was under pressure both from its Board, because of the internal (i.e. employee and stakeholder) complaints and the declining service levels, CFIT had to bring in additional resource and work against tight deadlines. This part of the project was completed in 12 weeks.

To meet the customer objectives and time constraints, CFIT used senior systems’ engineers, systems’ architects (from the “Partnership2” Cluster) and business model builders (from the “Partnership3” Cluster) from its associates’ community. The final report was initially presented to the ICT committee and then, via the internal Supply Chain Management manager and small ICT team on the project, to the CEO at the end of the 13th week.


Transaction Advisor on Evaluations

Here we were involved in:

  • Evaluating the 27 bid proposals/submissions received for the ICT strategy & policy development for Magalies Water noting that this state owned entity was not getting optimal service from existing solution providers.
  • Ensuring that during the evaluation process CFIT would advise on which of the shortlisted bidders would subsequently not only consult on the ICT and Telecommunications’ strategy and Policy Development but could also at a later stage provide the solutions necessary for operational and productivity efficiency especially in view of telemetric and mobility value that could be derived from a stable network environment.
  • Comparing the bid offerings with a view to aligning the best bidder’s business model to that proposed by CFIT in the first part of the advisory services.

Since CFIT had done similar work for the complete assessment of the whole network and IT operations for the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA) and had draft the tender for same, this part of the work was completed over a further 8 weeks.