Nestlake Investments

Acquisition of Sheshisa Couriers 124 (Pty) Ltd by Nestlake Investments (Pvt) Ltd (To be domiciled & later registered in the UK).

Because this is a fairly sensitive deal and involves multiple geographically located investors (40% of which are in South Africa), the exact detail of the transaction cannot be elaborated upon. The acquisition noted here is not merely advisory in nature. CFIT, through its ownership structure in Indwe Carriers Group (another wholly BBBEE company), has also been approached to:

  • Advise on the future investment strategy for Nestlake (the major acquirer) in this courier and haulage investment.
  • Take a 30% stake in the company – once the full acquisition by Nestlake has transpired.
  • Appoint new Executive Management to the existing team.
  • Provide the management expertise to this company – and this was provided to the renamed “Shesisa Couriers” through another CFIT associated Management Company that specialises in turnaround strategies at the operations’ level in companies.

Whilst leading this assignment in partnership with an international Freight Airline company, three large South African – based Long – Distance Haulage Carriers, the “Five International Courier” company, Indwe Group Carriers and a combination of Storage, Logistics and Warehousing Solutions’ Companies, we gained and improved our project management of large – scale initiatives.

CFIT has many other smaller transactions which could also be noted. However, from the above project experience, we gained a vast amount of logistics’ sector skills. Out of this experience and combining that with know- how from another similar logistics exercise, we are ALSO able to offer one of the most robust advisory and management solutions to and for this market sector.

We reiterate here that we have only noted but a few of the above cases. There are other industry sectors that we have worked in and that we could reference if so required.