csiSocial Investment and Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in the alleviation of poverty, educating and skilling people for the future. Even as a recently founded company, CFIT has already funded the University of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. At these institutions Dr Fynn, in particular, has financially contributed to the libraries of both institutions for the purchase of student text materials, in each of

  1. The Faculties of Management & Economic Sciences, Mathematical/Pure Sciences and Leisure and Tourism; and,
  2. The Schools/Sub – faculties that teach the practices of Information Technology and Business Studies, respectively, at each university.


Additionally, and on the learning and innovation fronts, CFIT has also

  • started a scholarship called the “Dr Clive A Fynn Scholarship for Postgraduate Students” and,
  • “The Fynnsworth Scholarship” for students attending High school at the Grades 8 – 12 levels.


We are also embarking on a campaign to train a large amount of willing and unemployed graduates. Here the objective is three (3) – fold, namely that

  1. We will employ postgraduate students on both short and long-term operations’ related contracts. This will give us access to a database of skilled staff (whom we may access, should this be required at short notice)
  2. We will be empowering the individuals with skills that will enable them to apply for employment elsewhere, should we not be in a position to permanently employ the individual;
  3. We will be offering internships in environments and work fields in which many Black people would otherwise not even have access.


Through the generosity of our Founder, CFIT has also – even before full inception – spent over R96,000.00 in funding a range of charitable organisations which include

  • feeding schemes for the destitute,
  • shelter – creation groups,
  • children development entities (such as the “Starfish Foundation”) and other similar NGOs.


Many of these NGOs are spread across the South African landscape.

We will continue to focus our social investment along the lines of the maxim

“A socially conscious company grows a socially conscious tomorrow” © TM.