Employment Equity

Employment Equity Policy – (Including People Matter)

employment-equityAll of the other entities in which Dr Fynn (our Founder) participates, pursue the principles of equality, non – discrimination and equal access. In that regard CFIT has the added advantage of having Dr Fynn as its leader.

We are consequently also driven by the same principles but with an understanding that:

  • Equal access is not automatic without some measure of positive intervention;
  • The company must provide the appropriate resources for the job at hand;
  • Affirmation action, paralleled with training, mentoring and skills’ development at all levels of the company, is key to our company truly reflecting the demographics of the South African landscape.


Whilst all of the above factors are critical, CFIT strongly believes in empowering its staff, management and consulting partners or sub – contractors through a shared perspective on its:

  • Aspirations of being an “Employer of Choice”;
  • Recruitment and Selection Processes – which will be focussed on the eradication of all forms of discrimination and which will also thus proactively serve to further the interests of the company, its shareholders,
  • partners, subcontractors and thus (over time) whilst promoting a positive self-esteem and promotion on of merit of previously disadvantaged peoples.
  • Co–development through Training, Goal directed Bridging Programmes, Holistic Guidance, Mentorship, Intergroup Upliftment and Development – all of which, we are convinced will, when coupled to capability and advancement of potential, lead to a better working life for all staff.
  • People Advancement and Career Development – where and through which well mentored staff and capable people will be promoted from within the company’s own work pool.
  • Acknowledgment of the Conditions of Employment – through which CFIT will act in accordance with those conditions and Employees, will also adhere to the same conditions whilst ensuring that the company is run to the benefit of all interested parties.