Because we largely started out from within ICT and management backgrounds, our service offerings are mostly in the following industry spaces

  • Deal and Technology Advisory
  • IT System Audit, Assurance and Compliance
  • Management Consulting
  • Risk Consulting and Compliance.


CFIT’s team & its partner consultants (who are sourced from the capital investment and financial services’ markets, management services, Information Technology & Communications [ICT] industries and the legal fraternity) have cooperated on many:

  • Large and Smaller Private Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Buy-Outs (LBOs) and Management Buy – Outs (MBOs)
  • Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE) deal structuring
  • IT Outsourcing, Business and Networking Tender Evaluations
  • IT and Mobile Technology Services’ Contract Assessments
  • Private – Public – Partnership (PPP) type deal structuring
  • Risk Management and Alliance – Partnering in large scale services’ ventures/deals.


Collaboration in Service Offerings

These partnerships are managed as service clusters as indicated in the model below.



Our partnership model also allows for flexibility. As a result of the noted flexibility we have recently, and particularly in MBO situations, also been contracted to provide leadership and executive management for limited transition periods.  At other times, especially when working with High Court – appointed Business Rescue Practitioners, CFIT has often been asked to also form the Management Company for companies being turned around or placed under rescue, liquidation, or administration.

At other times, we have also been requested by Supply Chain Management divisions within private companies or government departments to form part of their procurement teams and, thus to lend our objectivity and independence as Transaction Advisors in the tender compilation and evaluation processes.


Clustering for Efficiency

Because of the cyclical nature of business, most of our projects are presently located in Cluster 2 or 3 in the diagram above. Each cluster is driven by a CFIT – appointed partner, who may not necessarily be a fulltime employee of CFIT.

However, and because Partnership Class 2 has developed into a stronger business unit and is effectively a “stand alone” business, we run this Partnership Class under a separate P & L business.

Because we have the experience, understanding and practical industry know-how, many new clients rely on us to assist them ably respond to opportunities presented and, at other times, to their business challenges.
This endorsement by the market shows that we are most able to compete with many of our competitors we believe.


Service Delivery Ethos
As demonstrated by our motto “Sustainable business solutions with integrity”, value for money and ethical behaviour are paramount to our service delivery. To that extent, our projects’ ethos is (illustrated) in the following business model ethos: