image-16-dr-c-fynnOverall Management

The team consists of 12 people with an additional 22 partner consultants available through our global partnerships.

All of the day – to – day and general operational activities are driven by Clive Fynn.

As Managing Director of our South African operations and as SVP of our global alliances, he is also charged with and, chairs our internal and external Value Review Board (“VRB”).


Value Review Board

The VRB is a functional structure and helps us mitigate and prevent risks. All Project Managers participate in the VRB meetings as these meetings are intended to drive a solutions’ oriented and holistic view across all projects.

Most project managers are senior people and only meet with our primary business leader on a weekly basis, and quarterly at VRB meetings.


Clustering for Thought Leadership and Innovation

By working alongside many Business Rescue Practitioners and at times with university academics, we have developed many interesting solutions for the third cluster, “Partnership Class 3”. Much of our innovation in this cluster is thought – provoking and our clients have come to realise the innovation we bring in thought leadership in this space.